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13:16 - 06/25/2021
Whether weather
Well I feel as though I have been incarcerated. Not by Covid, but by the weather. It is supposed to be in the +30's for the next 10 days. I used to love heat waves when I was a teen, but now not so much. At least in -30 one can pile on more clothing; I can only take off so much. I used to wander about in a mini bikini, but I don't have the figure for it now - nor the bikini.

I received my first Covid shot a week ago. Moderna. I had an immediate reaction to it and then side effects. Strong histamine reaction and measles like outbreak; so did one of my Grand-daughters. Must be genetic. I hesitated getting the shot at all, because I am fairly certain that I had it in January 2020, as did number 4 son who lives with me. I would have sent him to hospital, if he would have consented. Good thing I didn't. First, it would have put the hospital workers and patients at serious risk. Also, it was evident that the medical community had no idea how to treat it. That might have made things much worse. I live in the part of our city that is very cosmopolitan. International travellers often bring bits of the germs/diseases from their home countries back with them. We've learned to try to figure out what we've caught,then get on with treating it.

My Dad turned 90 a couple of weeks ago. For his birthday he and his friend bought a new to them RV. Now, if only travel restrictions lift.... He says he wants to hang on until he reaches 100, so he can receive his congratulatory letter from the Queen, Elizabeth II. I think that would be such a thrill for him.

Speaking of the Royal Family. They live their entire lives under a public microscope, then someone who is paparazzi savvy arrives on the scene and creates chaos - very public chaos -among them. Wonder how much destroying a family is worth these days. Sigh.
I think I should not say any more at the moment dear diary. Time to go visit on social media.


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