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18:47 - 03/02/2020
Health and healing
The past few months have been rather intense dear diary. I took the time to try to process what was going on instead of writing to you. Sorry.

A+'s sister died at the beginning of October. I was busy interacting with my family at the time. My one sister has tickets to a dinner theatre. I was invited to join them in October, while my Dad's friend was out of town searching for a lost sibling. She found him! The theatre was great, but my sister just learned she had cancer. That treatment is on-going. When my Dad's friend returned, I visited them for a late Thanksgiving dinner where we were regaled with stories of his friend's adventures, as well as my sister's husband's account of his medical journey. My Dad had just seriously torn the muscles of his right shoulder. It is still an issue as we speak.

In November, one of my son's mother-in-laws had to have her arm completely amputated. Iatrogenic from what I can gather. She seems to be managing well both physically and psychologically.

December was a bit of a blur, as I tried to keep on task finding birthday/Christmas gifts for 15 grand-babies. I had to account for time for all the rest of the dental work I needed that lasted into November. Felt as though someone had taken a hammer to my face again.

One grand son created major drama with respect to one of my cats at the time around Christmas which made the time very stressful and miserable. I have had the care of feeding and watering her for the past eight or nine years after all.

January - the end of it was my 65 birthday - so I spent the bulk of the month filling out all three levels of government paperwork required of me. I'm good at government paperwork - having done it as a job for decades - but it was still really difficult. I think I was asked to recall everything except the colour of my panties when I was five. (I had days of the week panties and I loved them) Being asked for very detailed recollections at the time of that brain fart nearly 8 years ago, was impossible to recall. I'm not certain I was even fully conscious a lot of the time. I just gave the federal government permission to access my medical records from that time. I am hoping that is sufficient information for them. We had a week of below 30 below C weather which made it miserable trying to travel around to all the offices necessary to visit. My youngest son helped out a lot with the travel, so I didn't have to brave the weather and the busses then. I am still waiting to hear if my applications have been approved. Sigh.

Beginning of February saw a new grandson arrive and an ex in-law depart.

One of my friends drew my attention to the book "Thatcher's Spy" by Willy Carlin. That had really intrigued me, because of some volunteer work I had done with Amnesty International. I had been wondering what had happened to the one Irishman I had advocated for. Turns out it wasn't the same person, but it was a fascinating read all the same.

There is a lot more to say but I'm tired just thinking of all that, so I think I will stop there.

Good night dear diary.


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