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18:18 - 02/15/2021
It has been nearly a year since my last entry, dear diary. Hard to believe, but so intense was the last year, one thing after another, that it has taken a long time to work through Three family members died from cancer - not covid. One of my cats died near Christmas too. She was sixteen years old. So sad. My sister made it through her cancer treatment and is just wrapping up some treatment details. Just a waiting game now. My Dad's arm is still an issue.

One good bit of news was that my Dad paid for my roof to be replaced in November. Given the amount of repair work needed after more than 40 years and 6 boys growing up in her, I was despairing of getting anything fixed around the house. Number four son, who lives with me, has inflicted a lot more damage since he moved in five years ago. I am truly grateful for the timing of the roof replacement though. We have had major hurricane force wind gusts and a ten day stretch of - 30C weather; or - 40 to -50C ambient air conditions with wind chill calculated into the bargain. My only real expense was the purchase of a chainsaw for my oldest son, so he could trim the really big branches from the poplar tree in my front yard. They sounded as though they were going to crush the roof prior to the replacement. (My poor tree though, I couldn't watch). My Dad also replaced his security door and gifted me with his old one. I had been coveting it for years.

In March, I was standing in line behind a woman who said she had tested positive for covid. That was a couple of days before the lockdown was imposed.

Lots of family drama seemed to take up a lot of the interim time. Then there was the family drama south of our border. Mesmerised by the potential outcomes, as a result of the political chaos. We Canadians often joke about feeling as though we are a mouse sleeping next to an elephant, but there was nothing funny about the events in the US. We just felt very sad for our neighbours and worried for their safety.

One of the family who died was the boys' Dad. That was on Canadian Thanksgiving. I am still working through the emotions, so I don't think I will say much about that at the moment. His Mother had died a year ago February and one of my son's partner's mother died during the summer. She was the one who had her arm amputated a year ago in November. Very eventful - last year. I am feeling tired thinking about it so I will stop now. Thanks for listening, Dear Diary.


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