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19:30 - 05/24/2018
Well dear diary, the almost break in knocked something else out of my head when I posted to you the other day - the horoscope caper.

You see, I had an appointment to see my eye doctor a couple of weeks ago. It is about a two hour bus/train/bus journey each way. Always an adventure. My horoscope that morning said that transportation issues would be odd that day. They were. A+ likes to come with me on those trips and we got to the doctor's office in good time. That's when things started to go downhill. In the exam room, the young attendant tried to force me into a contortionist's position for long periods of time. That really hurt my back. At one point, I tried to move the plastic headset down to help ease the pain and the examiner freaked out. She didn't seem to know how the machine worked and had no flexibility in operating it. Apparently she complained/exaggerated about what had happened to the doctor who was under the impression that I could have broken the machine. Pretty flimsy, poorly built machine if that was so. All I did was touch the plastic frame. Sigh. I guess that is how she explained the lack of accurate photos of the back of my eye.

We walked to the big mall nearby afterward so we could see the new pedestrian overpass that had been installed over the main road in the winter. The interior of the mall was being renovated extensively and there was no clear signage to indicate how to get to the overpass. By that time I was really tired and just wanted to go home. The old walkway to the busses was blocked off so we had to go back into the mall and search until we found a path.

Once we got to the bus, there was a fellow in a wheelchair, who didn't seem to have secured his wheelchair, before the bus left the station. When the bus moved into the flow of traffic, the wheelchair seemed to rear back and then, as the man tried to regain control, it flipped on its side throwing the man into the barrier at the front of the bus. Of course, the bus driver called an ambulance for the man as a precaution and then called for a backup bus to take the rest of the passengers the rest of the journey home. We didn't see what happened to that man, because in rush hour traffic, the ambulance must have had difficulty getting to the site before the relief bus.

When we were about two thirds of the way home on that route, we saw two police cars attending the scene of, what appeared to be a pedestrian, vehicle accident at a main intersection. There was a policewoman kneeling on the side of the road adjusting a neck brace on a little boy who was also sitting on the curb. He appeared to be more frightened than anything. There was a young girl, slightly older than the boy hovering nearby. A small crowd of witnesses/on-lookers was standing between the site of the accident and the bus stop across the intersection. Some of those people boarded the bus when it pulled into the stop. The other policeman seemed to be dealing with the other two vehicles that were damaged in the accident. The airbag had been deployed in the large truck in the intersection. The other vehicle appeared to be a small white car that had its front end torn off. I didn't see either of the two drivers or their passengers.

Near my home is a major highway. As we travelled through the intersection into my community it appeared that all four sides of the intersection had been torn up. I often like to get off the bus in the community before mine and walk the rest of the way home. I was luckily still too tired to do that since it seemed as though all the pedestrian access had been blocked. When I called the city later to ask what was going on -there was no signage, as is usually required - they responded that it was a contractor that was tearing up the paths. A city foreman went out to the site to check after I called, but they still could not tell me what was going on - only that it was supposed to be completed by the end of the month.

A week later, I went for my regular doctor's appointment but nothing had really appeared to change. My doctor didn't like me going off my meds as I had mentioned a couple of posts ago, dear diary, so I am trying a different set of meds now. Bleagh. He also is sending me to another eye specialist in July after I told him about my adventure with the eye doctor crosstown. It is his eye doctor, so maybe things will go better next time.

Anyway, dear diary, I think I should go eat now. It has been too hot to bother prior to. I like winter better.


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