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19:17 - 09/24/2017
The vernal equinox has just passed, dear diary. Falling into the arms of winter soon, thankfully. This summer was uncommonly hot. Smoke from forest fires hung in a pall over our city from the end of July until just a week ago. Being that asthma is one of the conditions I deal with, I felt like a prisoner in my own home. It just wasn't safe to go out - dizziness and disorientation were soon upon me when I dared to step outside. I did care for my neighbour's cats for three weeks. I had to go out every day to get there. Ash rained down on her sidewalk some days and some days the smoke had settled so thickly in her basement, where the litter boxes are kept, that it wasn't really safe to be down there for long. Fortunately, she had left a large, programmable fan for me, so I could make certain her cats were relatively comfortable. Neither of them tried to escape when I opened doors as was their wont. They seemed to know outside wasn't really safe for them. Even the birds and other daytime critters that normally roam our neighbourhood, had harsh croaky coughs and were often silent for long periods of time. I made certain to put lots of water out for them as a small service. I also looked after my neighbout's garden. Poor thing was parched with the heat. Even the farmers were praying for rain this year.

I did get to meet my oldest bio grand-daughter's boyfriend this summer. He's a keeper, I think. Texan y'all and a ginger to boot. My sixth son's step-daughter returned safely from her visit to her grandfather. He died this month, so I guess she got to say her good-byes in time.

I told my Dad about the bowling picture of my Mom that one of the other grand-daughters drew. He was over the next day, bringing one of their many bowling trophies for her to see. He is doing very well and seems to be quite happy with his new found freedom. He just drove back home through the mountains last week, despite the first snow of the season threatening. No snow on the road, but snow on his house when he got home. Visits en masse with my cousins this summer too. That was fascinating. My one female cousin loaned me a couple of books of family genealogy that her Aunt had written some years ago. It allowed me to fill in several blanks in the on-line family tree I keep.

One friend had written an auto-biography/genealogy tract for her family. She posted it off to me, so that I could edit it for her. As an outsider to the family, I could pinpoint where there were gaps in the narrative. She had worried that she had rambled on too much or had said things that were unkind or legally questionable about her family, but that simply wasn't so. Maybe if I knew her whole story..... I think I spent about 30 hours annotating it for her.

A+ and I went to see the movie "Wonder Woman" - twice. It was curious, but I could feel movement in my lower back, that hadn't been there since that brain fart five years ago, during the training scenes. A+ said that the studio had hired some Olympic competitors to act in those scenes. I competed in gymnastics when I was in High School, so it seemed to help the body recall a lost part of itself. Felt so good. The second time round, I found I could consciously contract abdominal muscles that hadn't responded to conscious thought since that brain fart. They still respond now. Yoga seems to be easier as a result. We have also been out walking when the heat and smoke weren't too oppressive. The leaves are turning flame and golden now. It is beautiful.

I don't want to discuss North American politics at the moment, dear diary. Reminds me very much of what happened in the sixties. My blood pressure spikes whenever it comes up - which is often. Something has got to give.

I did buy another lock for the upper bedroom. It has been a great investment. Number four son seems to really dislike my cats, so now I have a safe place to lock them in at night. A tin of tuna was all that was needed to persuade them that it was their preferred sanctuary too. That and two story times each day seems to keep them content. Number four son is just completing his practicum now, so hopefully the cats will get their roaming papers back soon. Anyway, it is their second storytime now, so I'd best go read "The Return of The King" to them now. I love the language that Tolkien used. Good night dear diary.


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