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13:18 - 05/19/2017
Farces and fantasies
Well hello, dear diary. Last time I wrote, it was a day before my birthday and now it is a day before my next-in-line sister's birthday. My Dad has had his two cataract surgeries in between. They went very well. He just arrived home a couple of days ago. He sounded ecstatic when he called. He was home again by himself, which seemed to please him no end and he drove home. That was the reason he was willing to go through all the upheaval. He just wanted to keep his driver's licence. Free at last, were his words.

My grand-daughter (number 16 of the grandbabies, I believe) was born on schedule in a birthing center. That is a new service offered in our city and long overdue. I met her a week later at my 3rd son's home. She should have been born with a piano attached, because she has such very long fingers, I think. Of course, she is beautiful and is already teething. Apparently, she is sleeping through the night when her teeth don't wake her.

Number four son has been back at college since last I wrote, dear diary. He has been much calmer - most of the time. He still managed to put a hole in the bathroom wall during one of his rages though. A+ put a locking passage set on my bedroom door and I think I might get another set when I can afford it for the other upstairs room that was once a bedroom - more safety.

I hosted a small Easter dinner here, dear diary. I love both cooking and baking - my Scots Granny and my Mom taught me after all - ,but the real ingredients are so expensive now. I don't want to buy the cheaper, manufactured junk either - full of chemicals and poison, in my opinion. No wonder there are so many "health crises" throughout the developed world. Man-made and induced, I think. Anyway, I got to meet my oldest grandson's new girlfriend. She seems very sweet. Nice to see my oldest son and his daughter as well. She has a new beau too. I will get to meet him soon, my grand-daughter's Mom told me about it on Mother's Day.

Number six son's wife's oldest daughter (one of my ready-made grand-babies) went back to the US to see her grandfather - health crisis, one of several I guess. She is due back shortly. I hope all goes well. When my son and the rest of the family came by to visit me, my one grand-daughter drew a picture of my Mom in her bowling uniform just out of the blue. I think that artwork will go to my Dad. He said he would give me one of their old bowling league trophies for the grand-babies to see.

A+ and I have gone for a number of long walks already this spring. Jane's Walks are especially enjoyable. This year we wandered through one of our city's older communities. I was able to tell the docent stories that he hadn't heard before. Comes of my Dad's reminisces about living in this city during WWII. In exchange, he told a wonderful story about the last visit of a Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and York) before they became monarchs. There was a big meeting of their Highnesses-to-be and the aboriginal community in what is now a large park. It was fascinating trying to visualise the gathering. The docent also spoke of the hidden bunker nearby that was built in case of nuclear attack. I hadn't known about that either, although I do recall hearing the testing of air raid sirens when I was small, but that is a topic for another day, dear diary.

The other walk was through the community that housed one of this city's oldest hospitals - since blown up. All the talk was of the fascinating options now under consideration for redevelopment.

A+ and I also attended a couple of events in one of the city's heritage houses where one former senator lived. I volunteered on the board that raised funds to refurbish it and am very happy to see how it has grown to re-establish itself as a centre for community culture. It is Canada's 150th birthday as a nation this year, so I think there will be a number of other soirees in the autumn. I love digging through historic data and I was gifted to sit beside one of the retired city commissioners during one presentation. Great information. An avocation history is, I guess.

The rest of my research tends to be very political. A lot to dig into this year. If the drama south of our border didn't hurt so many people, it would make for great farces and comedies. That's about the only thing keeping citizen's heads from exploding - thoughtful people. Then there are the people who were seduced into voting for that twerp. Sigh. I guess time - and Fantastic Beasts - will tell, but it appears that there is major chaos to breathe through yet. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I don't think that "the man behind the curtain" is about to emerge yet. Maybe the eclipse during the last part of August will make a difference. Pull the blinders off a lot of people's eyes anyway.

Watched the movie "Arrival" a few weeks ago. Food for thought. I guess I need to watch it again. Sort of fills in where "Inception" left off.

I should go and tend to my laundry though. Mundane tasks keep me grounded. Bye for now, Dear Diary.


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